Restoring peace to your backyard


Why do you have a hot tub?

If you have a hot tub, you have your reason. Is your reason to relax your body or relax your mind?  Maybe your reason is to relieve headaches or have a place to escape from the headaches of life.  It may be to connect with loved ones or simply connect with your own thoughts.  Whatever your reason, we know that the peaceful space your hot tub creates helps rejuvenate and restore you and those you love in both tangible and intangible ways.



Building on a legacy of integrity, fairness and service excellence

We understand how disruptive to to that peaceful space it can be if your hot tub is not functioning properly and how hard it can be to know who to trust for repairs. To restore that peace to your peaceful space our goal is to make the repair process as simply and straightforward as possible. If it needs to be repaired, installed, or even just looked at for your peace of mind, you can trust us to do it well or make it right.



We bring a full range of hot tub care to your home or cottage within a two hour radius of Saskatoon. Working exclusively on off-warranty hot tubs, we repair leaks, noises, and troublesome electronics with an equal mix of experience and resourcefulness, choosing the methods and materials that keep your best interests in mind.

Why “Unaffiliated?”

We don’t claim to be the best or the brightest, the cheapest, the fastest or the strongest. At Unaffiliated Hot Tub Home Care we intentionally stand apart from industry affiliations so that we can focus our energy and attention on serving you, our customer, to the very best of our ability – regardless of brand, model, age, or your choice of normal service provider.


 In the past, I have been able to solve most problems myself with the help of Google and friends.  The most recent issue was beyond my capabilities though so I reached out to the internet.  Thankfully, Lauren responded and was extremely helpful and responsive to my questions.  When the time came to face the fact that my spa pack was ready to be replaced Lauren made the decision an easy one.  I was very appreciative of Lauren’s professional and honest communication.  While I realistically could have taken Lauren’s advice and completed the job myself I felt that I would rather have the job done by a professional.  I do not regret that decision.  Lauren worked within my schedule and price range and showed up well equipped to do the job.  I highly recommend Lauren as a trusted hot tub advisor and repair guy.

Larry J

Humboldt, SK

picture included to show how Larry feels, but is not an actual picture of Larry


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